Filou van Spriel

Friars Ave Maria

Friars Gift of Gold and her filly Royal Highness

Our Story

It all started with her; Filou van Spriel, a tiny shetland mare, imported to Sweden from Holland the beginning of the 1970's

She was the one who planted the seed for Eleonor's love for horses, at the end of the 1970's. They often rode together on the fields, and even though she was a tiny white mare, Eleonor often daydreamed that Filou, in fact, was a big black stallion. Filou was amazing; a sensitive mare with flowing white mane, and a heart of gold.

It was a true love story that has never ended since, just taken on other forms. But nonetheless, the love story that started it all.

Filou was also the mother of a colt foal, Goliath, who became Eleonor's first horse of her own. And boy ... what a horse. Perhaps the most stubborn horse in history. But still, very cute, and of course an excellent teacher. And then and there, the interest in breeding saw the light of day.

The years went by, horses were loved and lost, and in 2004 Eleonor started with the breeding of welsh mountain ponies which took a tragic stop which you can read about in the book Phoenix.

Some of the mares from that period, that made a huge impact on Eleonor was Friars Ave Maria, mother of the Royal Welsh-winner Friars Bonheddwr, and her champion daughter Friars Gift of Gold. Their first foals in the stud, Lady Marion and Royal Highness, was the start for the stud, and their legacy will last forever.

A big thank you to all the horses and all the breeders that made us who we are today. Without you, this would not be possible.

Eleonor & Mattias 

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