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For as long as I can remember, horses have been a part of my life.

When I married Mattias, he kind of married more than a woman - he married a lifestyle.
That lifestyle has the essence of L O V E in it, whether it is in the breeding of horses or as a way of viewing life.

We love horses, we love breeding horses, and we love colours!

Here, at Stellar Stud, you gain more than a fantastic horse which oozes quality and zest,
combined with a fantastic colour; you get a friend for life - in both the horses and us.

Welcome to our life of horses!

With love, Eleonor (by the pen) & Mattias


For us, it is a lifestyle, but of course we also include horses in our breeding that we truly believe in.

Eleonor is a horseoholic since childhood, and sometimes at night she whispers information about the bloodlines during her sleep. Just kidding, she doesn't, but yes it has taken a lot of time for many years.

And no, we cannot guarantee anything.

Even though we would like to guarantee a horse that is healthy until it gets 35 yrs old, and has won ten championships.

But we can guarantee that we have tried our very best.

And that we really, really want to be able to say that we were the breeder of your true best friend.

We can also tell you that we have come to some knowledge in the field of horses after living with them for over 40 yrs.

Colour isn't everything

A great horse can never be chosen just because of the colour.

Yes, we focus on breeding special diluted colours like palomino, buckskin, cremello, champagne, perlino et.c, but every colour is beautiful. Because beauty is never seen with the eyes - it is felt with the heart. And by feeling, we have to let them in.

Both you and the horses deserve that.

Follow your heart

What we can tell you, is to follow your heart and go with your gut feeling.

If something feels off between us, or if we don't have your dream horse - contact another breeder.

There are so many wonderful breeders out there, and we can promise you that someone, somewhere has the horse of your dreams. And that, is what we really, really want you to find.


Eleonor started breeding welsh mountains in 2004, while her family bred different breeds before that. We have had so many people telling us in the past, that they gained their best friend from our breedings., and a lot of them have been successful at shows too.

 If you have bought a horse from us, please let us know, and we would be so happy to see pictures! The plan is to add these at the website in the future.

Eleonor & Mattias


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